Passaic Countywide ticket: Lepore, Foley, and TBA

Appearing today with U.S. Rep. Bill Pascrell (D-Paterson) in the Silk City, U.S. Senator Frank Lautenberg (D-Cliffside Park) mangled the name of Passaic County Freeholder Terry Duffy, running for re-election on the ticket of a terror-stricken Democratic Party, which last year got swept in countywide races.

“Terry Foley,” said the senator, with a wink at the mustachioed tavern owner seated in the front row of the Frank Lautenberg Transportation Opportunity Center.

“Duffy,” grunted Pascrell, at which point the senator corrected himself.

“Duffy, Foley – they’re both Irish,” pointed out Ward 6 Councilman Andre Sayegh.

Lautenberg came to the town of his birth today to announce his and Pascrell’s success in securing $750,000 toward the transformation of a broken down locomotive factory into a community center.

This transportation-themed public high school for low-income residents, which includes a job shuttle service, and job-training programs, rose in 2003 with $5 million in federal dollars secured by the senator. Passaic Countywide ticket: Lepore, Foley, and TBA