Paterson’s Persuasive Mosque Meeting Isn’t Scheduled

Gov. Paterson called in to WNYC’s The Takeaway to restate his opinion on the mosque planned two blocks away from ground zero and revealed that, despite his best efforts to reach out to the developers of the Muslim community center, there’s currently no meeting on the books.

“There was one last Monday and that had to be postponed, there is not one currently and there will only be a meeting if the people from the mosque agree to meet with us,” Paterson said.

Like Rudy Giuliani, Paterson said the developers had a clear right to build the center on the land, but simply wants the opportunity to persuade them not to do so. The governor gave no other indications as to when the meeting may take place.

Listen to the call-in below:

Correction, 3 PM:

This post previously referred to the show as “NPR’s The Takeaway.” The show is actually co-produced by Public Radio International, not NPR. Paterson’s Persuasive Mosque Meeting Isn’t Scheduled