Peyser: 'The Geese Must Die'

The always charming Andrea Peyser devotes the majority of her New York Post column today to the Brooklyn hot-button topic du jour, the Prospect Park geese.

The issue, for those–to evoke another bird species–who bury their heads in the sand, centers on the hundreds of Prospect Park geese who used to reside at the Prospect Park lake. Beloved by local children and families, the birds were rounded up and gassed in July by the federal government (with city approval), in an effort to prevent the sort of birdstrikes that brought down a U.S. Airways flight in 2009.

Even so, critics, including former Parks Commish Henry Stern and animal experts, question the efficacy of the technique. Not to mention the political indelicacy.

But sublety be damned! This is Andrea Peyser we’re talking about:

The geese must die.

An epic battle is looming between the forces of goose and evil.

New York’s militant animal-rights activists are outraged by the massacre this summer of some 400 Canada geese in Brooklyn’s bucolic Prospect Park by government assassins — and they’re mobilizing for a fight. So crazy are these birdbrains for the nasty creatures, some vow to use their bodies as human shields to protect the flying plane-droppers from destruction.

…But as Round 2 approaches in the Great Goose War, officials from the US Department of Agriculture’s wildlife service, who came in and gassed the birds to death early one July morning, say they won’t back down. Not while geese are still getting stuck in jet engines, like those of Capt. Chesley Sullenberger.

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Peyser: 'The Geese Must Die'