Rangel Answers Obama

Charlie Rangel was also asked at the news conference today about his reaction to President Barack Obama’s expressed hope that Rangel can end his career with dignity.

After talking about all of the things he and the White House have worked on, Rangel rebuked Obama and reiterated is call for a speedy Ethics investigation:

Most young people think 80 years old is the end of your career. He’s entitled, because he’s so youthful, to say that. And if he says to retire with dignity, there is no way in the world for a President and a Constitutional lawyer to say that dignity is not fighting for your rights, to prove that you are not guilty of the charges. I mean that’s dignity. Not cutting a deal, not cutting and running. But dignity is saying, ‘Hey I made mistakes. I apologize. I am not proud of it and I am prepared to pay the consequences because a public official has a much higher standard than other people…Any settlement of course would be one that includes dignity. And you can’t write that in. That is in my hands–dignity. And I am going to try to protect that even if other people might feel awkward or embarrassed.


He continued in classic Rangel fashion:

Running for election is Hell. It’s uncomfortable. You get itchy. And people who came out in New York State for me, they are trying to get out their positive message, some people are going to ask, “But why are you endorsing Charlie Rangel?…I hope they would be able to say nobody found him guilty of corruption… I think that he should be entitled to a public hearing. Now I’m not against back door dealings that have dignity, but if that’s not possible then let’s get it all out.

  Rangel Answers Obama