Reshma Camp Hasn't Accepted Debate Invite

For months, Reshma Saujani’s campaign has been trying to get Carolyn Maloney to debate. Yesterday, Maloney accepted. Now the Saujani campaign isn’t so sure.

“We need a debate that will be seen by voters in the district,” said Saujani campaign spokesman James Allen.

Maloney agreed yesterday to a debate that will be hosted by WWRL, but, according to the Saujani campaign,  they are still looking to find out what the details are, including how long the Q and A session with audience listeners will last and whether or not there will be television cameras present.

Saujani’s campaign noted that the pair have received four invitations to debate–from NY1, from the League of Women Voters, from Baruch College and from a TV station in Queens–and would like to do any of those in addition the WWRL debate.

They also note that they are still trying to discuss the matter with the Maloney campaign.

“We have not had any conversations with her campaign. Our campaign left multiple messages this afternoon for Matt Tepper, Maloney’s campaign manager, and our calls were not returned.” Reshma Camp Hasn't Accepted Debate Invite