Reshma To Maloney: You've Been Talking To Whom, Exactly?!?

The Reshma Saujani campaign is continuing to try to lure Carolyn Maloney out onto the debate stage.

The most recent impetus is an interview Maloney did with WNBC’s Melissa Russo yesterday in which the long-time Upper East Side Congresswoman said that, “my staff is talking to her campaign staff” about setting up a debate.

Responds Saujani campaign manager Kevin Lawler:

“We must have missed those calls and emails — because that’s news to us.

“For more than three months, Maloney has consistently ignored requests to debate from both our campaign and third-party groups like Baruch College and Queens Public Television. On May 10th, the Maloney campaign signed for a letter inviting her to a series of debates with Reshma.  Yet there has been no effort from her staff to even contact our campaign to discuss the issue.

“As Maloney has said in the past, ‘New Yorkers deserve a choice,’ so we are pleased that the Congresswoman has finally come around to the idea of debating.  We look forward to following up with her campaign today to schedule one.”

Saujani has been especially active as the campaign enters its final weeks, knocking Maloney for “silence” on the Ground Zero Mosque (Maloney says she is for it) hosting Deepak Chopra at a fundraiser, unveiling new fact-checking websites, and hiring a vet from the Obama and Bloomberg campaigns.

Watch the full Russo piece here:

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