Rice Goes Up On The Air Again

Nassau D.A. Kathleen Rice, who became the first attorney general candidate to go up on network television earlier this week, released her second ad today, called “Life.”

The ad will be broadcast in Albany, Rochester, Syracuse, and Buffalo, and attempts to tie Rice’s campaign pledge to root out corruption to the kitchen table concerns of middle class voters. Rice handles the narration.

We obey the laws and pay our taxes.  What we expect in return isn’t asking too much: reliable services; honesty from public servants.  But we all know that’s not happening in New York.  We all pay for corruption in Albany, with higher property taxes and substandard services.  I’m Kathleen Rice.  And I’ll work to expand the attorney general’s power to investigate government corruption and fraud.  And if you cheat the taxpayers of New York, you should go to prison.

The Rice campaign has more money than their opponents, and they clearly think that spending it on television is the best way to reach voters statewide, especially at a time when so many voters’ attentions lie elsewhere.

Take a look:



Rice Goes Up On The Air Again