Rudy Giuliani, on The Today Show, Weighs in on the Mosque

Rudy Giuliani stopped by The Today Show this morning to state his tepid opposition to the planned mosque two blocks from ground zero.

Matt Lauer, sounding a little bored, opened by listing the reasons there’s nothing wrong with having a mosque there: “It’s legal, it’s in the Constitution, we protect freedom in this country…”

“And beyond all that it’s an as-of-right project under New York law,” Giuliani added cheerfully. “They never even had to go through all those reviews they went through!”

He’s still opposed to it though.

Referring to the project as “Cordoba House,” the former mayor said that he feels it’s simply in bad taste to put a mosque there. Legal, yes, but in bad taste. “If you’re going to so horribly offend the people who are most directly affected by this, the families of the September 11th victims — who I happen to know and have gotten to know really well — then how are you healing?” he asked.


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Lauer asked if Giuliani thought New York’s construction workers would even build such a project. Giuliani said that they would, but speculated that the community center may face another issue.

“I question whether they can raise the money,” he said. “Where’s the money coming from?”

Right here, Mr. Mayor!  Dana Rubenstein reports.

Rudy Giuliani, on The Today Show, Weighs in on the Mosque