Rudy Giuliani Roots for 9/11 at a Baseball Game

Rudy Giuliani is so frequently mocked for his constant references to the September 11th terrorist attacks that the practice has become cliché, but all the same he keeps making them, and in such an over-the-top way that it almost implies he’s in on the joke.

Last night, for instance, a harmless question The Brooklyn Paper at a minor league baseball game somehow yielded this response:

“I remember I came here the Friday before 9-11,” Giuliani said in response to a simple question about which team he would be rooting for in the game between the [Brooklyn] Cyclones or the Staten Island Yankees. “There was a beautiful view of the World Trade Center – there was a nice view of the towers from Staten Island’s ballpark, too.”

Earlier this month, he told Matt Lauer that he was opposed to the mosque two blocks from ground zero, and spoke on behalf of the 9/11 vicitms’ families, “who I happen to know and have gotten to know really well.” Rudy Giuliani Roots for 9/11 at a Baseball Game