Sarah Hochman Out at Simon & Schuster

Simon & Schuster publisher Jonathan Karp fired senior editor Sarah Hochman this morning, confirmed a source at Simon & Schuster.

This is the latest of many changes Karp has made since becoming publisher in June: Yesterday, he announced that he’d hired Anjali Singh, and last month he brought on Jofie Ferrari-Adler and Ben Loehnen just before firing senior editor Amanda Murray. He’s also unveiled plans to restructure the imprint into small teams of editors matched with dedicated publicists, while letting go veteran publicity director Victoria Meyer.

Hochman had been at Simon & Schuster since 2004, becoming a full editor in 2008 and a senior editor last fall. Her authors included literary forger Lee Israel, who wrote a memoir of her exploits in 2008, and classicist Daniel Mendelsohn, whose next book Simon acquired at auction last summer. Sarah Hochman Out at Simon & Schuster