Say You Want To Redo Your Central Park West Duplex…

This week’s Observer profiles Nicholas S.G. Stern, son of the legendary Robert A.M., dean of Yale’s architecture school and the hand behind such recent cityscape notables as 15 Central Park West and the Brompton on East 85th Street. Mr. Stern the Younger has stepped out on his own in dramatic fashion, starting an architecture concern with several former colleagues at Taconic Builders (they all walked out at the same time!).

Mr. Stern seems the sort to have sat at the head of some Edwardian dinner party and dominated conversation. He said things like this to The Observer while giving a tour of his West Village townhouse and explaining its renovation:

“By all accounts, we should all be dead in some sort of triple homicide that you read about. You know, site meeting goes horribly awry, wife kills builder husband as he’s killing daughter-some sort of Marvin Gaye-type thing. But it was fun.”

William Alden, late of The Observer and now with the Huffington Post, wrote the profile, and also prepared the below nifty slideshow of one of Mr. Stern’s most recent projects: the apparently sleek, almost trippy redo of a Central Park West duplex penthouse. Experience!


Say You Want To Redo Your Central Park West Duplex…