Sean Coffey Weighs In On Eric Schneiderman Weighing In On Sean Coffey Fracas

Let’s just say it upfront: Sean Coffey’s rapid response unit is quickly becoming one of the more entertaining story lines of this election cycle.

After Kathleen Rice took them to task over pay-to-play allegations, the Coffey team hit back. Hard. Read about it here.

Now, after Eric Schneiderman sent out a release on the subject, the Coffey campaign is back with a response.

In it, spokeswoman Tammy Sun makes reference to Schneiderman’s hitting a NY1 producer’s car, calling his press release, “just another aimless hit-and-run attack – this time on a rising challenger seen as a roadblock to the Senator’s aspirations for higher office,” and Sun adds,  “When it comes to reform, it seems Sen. Schneiderman has left the scene again.” 

Sun continues:

“It’s clear the political silly season has begun and all eyes – and arrows – are aimed at a lifelong Democrat who has supported dozens of good Democrats at the federal, state and local level for years.  Sean Coffey is proud to have helped elect President Barack Obama and twelve sitting Senators who recently voted – without a single vote to spare – to extend emergency jobless benefits to millions of Americans and 200,000 of New York’s most economically vulnerable families.  His dedication to core progressive values is second to none.

“The fact is, Sen. Schneiderman likes to talk about reform but when it comes time to make it happen, he caves to special interests – every time.  Just last week, he voted against an overwhelming bipartisan majority in the state senate to give New Yorkers the property tax relief they need and deserve.  Either he thinks New York property tax rates are too low – or Sen. Schneiderman is appeasing special interests that have made hefty contributions to his current political campaign.  Which is it?  Sen. Schneiderman should answer his own pay-to-play questions before making baseless attacks on anyone else.

The release concludes by accusing Schneiderman’s public integrity plan of being full of loopholes, and accusing it of being, “Not reform. That’s more of the same. The release includes a link to Coffey’s reform agenda.

  Sean Coffey Weighs In On Eric Schneiderman Weighing In On Sean Coffey Fracas