Sen. Carl Levin Gets a Pie in the Face

Senator Carl Levin (D-Michigan) is the latest public figure to have a close encounter with a rogue element of the pie-throwing faction. Sen. Levin’s face received its own serving of down-home fresh-baked goodness as he answered questions in a morning meeting at a deli with Mecosta County, MI Democrats. A young man identified as Max Kantar had just taken Levin to task regarding foreign policy and Levin’s views on the defense of Israel when witnesses say 22-year-old Ahlam Mohsen of Coldwater, MI assaulted the senator.

Levin, who is 76, seemed to take it in stride, joking that it had happened before and that he preferred blueberry.

Ahlam Mohsen has been charged with disorderly conduct and assault. Witnesses and reporters on the scene said Mohsen stated that Levin was targeted to “send a message that liberals and Democrats are just as implicated in the violence (of war) as the Republicans.”

A Michigan resident named Ahlam Mohsen was deported after being arrested in Palestine in 2009. Mohsen said at the time that she had been arrested after she intervened when she saw Israeli police “violently pushing an elderly Palestinian woman.” Mohsen also said that it was obvious she’d been arrested because she is “of Arab descent.”

Regarding Mohsen’s alleged attempt to bludgeon him with a baked good, Sen. Levin issued a statement in which he said:

Two young people took advantage of the gathering to read a long statement accusing senators of war crimes, and one of the young people threw a pie in my face […] They didn’t hurt me, but they hurt their cause even more than their own extreme words had already done.

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