Stealing from the government 101

Even at a collegiate level, the intersection of government and greed can be problematic.

At New Jersey City University, $167,000 went missing this year from a student government account.

This week, Attorney General Paula Dow announced the arrests of office manager Shaunette Ruffin-Moody, 48, of Jersey City, and her husband, Alex, 51, who allegedly cashed checks they wrote to themselves from the account.

Both Ruffin-Moody and her husband were charged with second-degree theft, which carries a maximum sentence of 10 years in state prison and a $150,000 criminal fine.

From the press release: “On each check, she allegedly forged the signature of the associate dean who is required to sign SGO checks. The unauthorized checks were discovered in July 2010, after several SGO checks bounced and Ruffin-Moody reported that the SGO had exceeded its budget. She was suspended without pay from her job as office manager after the suspicious checks were identified.

  Stealing from the government 101