Stephen Fry Ready to Bring Twittertainment to London

On Twitter British entertainer Stephen Fry refers to himself as “Actor, Writer, Lord of Dance, Prince of Swimwear & Blogger.” Fry has just announced that he’s about add “Twittertainer” to the mix (we said “Twittertainer,” he didn’t). Fry says he is planning on a one-man show for London and it will be based on submissions from his fellow tweeters.

Fry has stated that nothing will be out-of-bounds once he asks followers for input. His London show has precedent; Fry mounted 4 shows in Australia in July using the same idea. Fry has also threatened to tour the show if it is a success.

The Independent pointed out that “a 5,000-seater solo gig with no script and only a hazy plan to amuse the crowd” conjures up thoughts of “creeks and paddles” – unless the performer in question is Stephen Fry. However, the Independent write-up about Fry’s plan struck a sour note, observing that an “unscientific dipping of a toe into Fry’s digital stream” made it seem like the entertainer may “have to draw on all his famous brain power to turn the banal into the hilarious.” It does seem like converting the inevitable onslaught of “OMG Stephen ur so cool” might be a challenge, but Fry told his followers early Friday not to listen to the doubters. “You’re all much funnier than that,” Fry said.

[Independent/BBC] Stephen Fry Ready to Bring Twittertainment to London