Tao Lin, Bard of Internet Sadness

Tao Lin, subject of a recent Observer piece in the style of Tao Lin, is profiled on Salon today. We learn about his internet-savvy publicity moves (irritating Gawker, fascinating Gawker, auctioning his personal effects) and the way his work speaks to the internet-loving youth. “Lin’s writing, despite its shortcomings, has perfectly captured the aimless malaise of the Internet generation,” writes Daniel Roberts. He goes on:

Lin and his literary peers spend hours and hours online, and although doing so fosters a sense of connectedness, it is equally isolating. No matter how many fans or fellow writers Lin “meets” online, at the end of the day it’s still him, sitting at his laptop alone.

Glum, yes, but remember that with each article like this, Tao Lin moves a little bit closer to becoming a Pony on a Pony Farm of a Child of a Billionaire! Then maybe things will be cheerier. Tao Lin, Bard of Internet Sadness