The Beloit College Mindset List: What Kids These Days Don't Know

Each year for more than a decade Beloit College has compiled a new Mindset List. The List was created in 1998 by a professor and Public Affairs Director as a practical way to remind Beloit faculty that cultural references become dated with the beginning of each new school year. Since its inception, the List has since become a snapshot of perspective shifts from generation to generation; a handy, quick way to understand just how quickly things change, and a reminder perhaps of how hard it sometimes is to keep up with the changes.

A brief sampling of examples of how dated your brain may be:

  • The class of 2014 probably doesn’t know how to write in cursive.
  • Email is a pokey method of communication and for all they know, snail mail involves actual snails.
  • “Caramel macchiato” and similar coffee-related terms are familiar “street corner lingo” to the class of ’14 (we suspect “lingo,” however, is not familiar lingo to the class of 2014).
  • To kids entering college this year, multicolored lapel ribbons are a legitimate gesture of support for a pet cause.
  • Bandaids have always been available in multiple skin tones for the class of ’14.
  • To far too many newly-minted college freshmen entering the halls of higher learning this year, it will come as a surprise to discover that Beethoven isn’t just a dog.
  • Kids set to graduate from college 4 years from now consider Nirvana a staple of any good “oldies” playlist.

If you’re feeling young and brave enough to confront it, you can read the full list here.

[AP] The Beloit College Mindset List: What Kids These Days Don't Know