This Fall's Web 2.0 Expo Will Be at the Sheraton in Midtown Instead of Javits

After two years at the Javits Center, the Web 2.0 Expo is moving to cozier quarters: this year’s convention, which takes place Sept. 27-30, will be held at the Sheraton Hotel in Midtown. In a blog post, convention co-chair Sarah Milstein said that the Javits Center’s size and layout, which favors expos where people are displaying hard goods, put a damper on last year’s convention. People had a “hard time finding our show at all,” Ms. Milstein wrote. “The Web 2.0 Expo signs were obscured by the much larger banners of a manufactured chemicals show that was in town the same week-and the conference portion of our show, in line with the Javits layout, was in the basement.”

In an interview, Ms. Milstein said that because Web 2.0 Expo is more of a conference than a trade show, a smaller space was more appropriate. Ms. Milstein, who joined the organizing team a week before last year’s show, said, “People want to get together, they want to learn, they want to meet each other. It’s hard to do that in the conference rooms at the Javits Center. It’s just not conducive to that kind of interaction. The thing is built for the expo part, not the conference part.”  

She said she had started looking at alternate venues in the spring—very late in the game, considering many conventions are planned a year or two out. But Ms. Milstein said no contract with Javits had to be broken in order for the move to happen.  

At the Sheraton, attendees will have the run of the main ballroom, several smaller ballrooms, and some breakout rooms. Meetings will happen primarily on two floors, with some additional activities taking place elsewhere in the building. This Fall's Web 2.0 Expo Will Be at the Sheraton in Midtown Instead of Javits