Thomas Frank Assumes the Harper’s Easy Chair

Wall Street Journal columnist Thomas Frank is leaving the broadsheet to take over Harper’s Easy Chair column for editor Ellen Rosenbush.

Here’s the release:

New York City, August 2, 2010-Harper’s Magazine today announced that
Thomas Frank has joined the magazine as its monthly columnist.
Beginning with the December issue, Frank will pen The Easy Chair
column, which will replace the Notebook. The Easy Chair was published
from October 1851 to February 1984, focusing on politics, the events
of the day, culture, as well as literary topics. The column reflects
the great legacy and tradition of Harper’s Magazine.

Ellen Rosenbush, editor of Harper’s Magazine, said, “Tom is the most
incisive political observer and cultural critic of our time and we are
absolutely overjoyed that he will be writing for us on a regular

Frank said, “It is a great honor to be invited to write the
longest-running column in American journalism. I look forward to
following in the tradition of William Dean Howells, Bernard DeVoto,
and Lewis Lapham.”

Frank, who has been a contributing editor to Harper’s since 2004, was
most recently an opinion columnist for The Wall Street Journal since
2008.  His last column for the Journal will appear on August 11. Frank
is the author of four books, all of them having to do with the
cultural inversions of our times: The Conquest of Cool (1997), about
the advertising industry; One Market Under God (2000) concerning the
myths of the New Economy; and What’s the Matter With Kansas? (2004)
about the red-state mindset. His book about conservative governance,
The Wrecking Crew, was published in 2008. Frank founded The Baffler
magazine in 1988, and he edits it to this day.  Born 1965 in Kansas
City, Missouri, Frank grew up in the suburbs of that city. He received
his B.A. degree from the University of Virginia (1987), and a PhD in
American History from the University of Chicago (1994).

  Thomas Frank Assumes the Harper’s Easy Chair