Three Title Bumps at Ad Age; Former Intern Abbey Klaassen Named Editor

Ad Age announced three title bumps on Thursday evening. Executive editor Abbey Klaassen, who has been running the trade pub since editor Jonah Bloom left last December, became the titular editor. Managing editor Judann Pollack was promoted to executive editor, and AME Ken Wheaton moved up behind her.

Ms. Klaassen, 30, began as an intern at Ad Age during college. “There’s a history of Ad Age interns growing up in this company,” she told the Media Mob this morning over the phone.

Ms. Klaasen will be expanding the range of databases offered by Ad Age, putting her staff to work on more “quarterly trend reports” and devoting attention and resources to Ad Age‘s beats on the web.

“I don’t even know that age had so much to do it,” she said. “It was more my experience growing the digital vertical into these special other areas.” Before Ms. Klaassen took over as executive editor following Mr. Bloom’s departure, she was the digital editor, and in that role she launched the first Ad Age Digital Conference. We asked if her job was going to change at all with the title bump.

“There might be some small changes,” she said. “Pretty much Judann and Ken have been instrumental in running the news operation around here.”

Meanwhile, Mr. Bloom is just now out of the job that he left Ad Age for — CEO of Breaking Media — according to Paid Content. Three Title Bumps at Ad Age; Former Intern Abbey Klaassen Named Editor