Translating the Fox Press Tour

The Television Critics Association summer press tour came to a close on Monday with the Fox executive session, which meant only one thing: Deflections about American Idol. Peter Rice and Kevin Reilly, prepare to be translated.

On the rumors of American Idol deals with producer Nigel Lythgoe, Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler

What Peter Rice says: “No one has signed a deal yet. There are no signed deals with anybody. There has been tremendous speculation. I can tell you that much of the information that has been written is accurate and some of the information is wildly inaccurate.”

What Mr. Rice means: Yes, all those people will be on American Idol this season, but I can’t actually say that. Until I can, continue to idly speculate and drive hits to your various web sites with false rumors.

On the Fox fall pilots

What Mr. Rice says: “I think, in an overall view, we’re in the talent business.”

What Mr. Rice means: There are no ‘Til Death-like shows on tap, so that’s something, right?

On Fringe, the J.J. Abrams-produced science-fiction show that airs on Thursday nights

What Kevin Reily says: “We have no intention of screwing with Fringe because the show’s doing great.”

What Mr. Reilly means: We’ll move it around if it continues to struggle and then eventually cancel it.

On whether or not Fox came close to hiring Conan O’Brien

What Mr. Reilly says: “I don’t think we have to go into the Conan thing.”

What Mr. Reilly means: We can make more money rerunning Seinfeld than we can with Conan and all his Twitter followers combined. Sorry, millenials! Translating the Fox Press Tour