Tweeting On Paper? Um, Okay.

The Journal has alerted us to an inexplicable product: A note pad where you can write out (yes, with a pen or pencil) a tweet.

Stationery makers have had a consumer insight: People who email a lot, tweet a lot, and update Facebook a lot, like to write a lot. The paper-peddlers are trying to woo these big stationery buyers, fans of the cute impulse purchase.

“Paper Tweet” pads (note pads with room for messages of 140 characters) are the latest offering from Knock Knock, a Los Angeles-based company that sells specialty paper products.

This kind of reminds us of that time Susan Orlean suggested using hashtags in non-Twitter settings. But the Journal really takes things to the next level:

Last week, Ms. Stevens, an accountant in Memphis wrote on the pad, “Paper tweets combine my 2 favorite things: office supplies & wasting time. Win-win!” (82 characters). She then photographed the “tweet” on her iPhone and uploaded it to Twitter.

Tweeting On Paper? Um, Okay.