VSL// A funny, no-frills Web comic

With the start of classes just a few weeks away, those in the working world might feel wistful for course offerings, syllabi and perhaps even problem sets. Treat educational nostalgia with xkcd, a very funny Web comic by physics major Randall Munroe that will bring you back to the academic mind-set in no time.

Originally based on Munroe’s notebook doodles, xkcd cartoons use stick figures and the occasional detailed illustration to poke fun at computer science, math and Internet culture—“every time you say ‘backslash’ as part of a Web address, I die a little”— romance—“you hang up first, or we’re OVER!”—and life in general—“analogies are like sandwiches in that I’m making one now.” The charm of these comics rests in their smarts, and though this means that understanding some of the jokes requires a little technical expertise, the majority of them feature spot-on observations, thick sarcasm and just enough math references to help you appreciate your job come September.

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