VSL// An interactive, intensive Web game about trust

What happens if you combine Choose Your Own Adventure with the dystopian aspects of Nineteen Eighty-Four, and bring it slickly to life on your very own computer? Chances are you’ll get something a little bit like the British online game The Curfew.

Created by Littleloud and written by comic-book author Kieron Gillen, The Curfew takes place in a bleak, futuristic England, in 2027. The pro-security Shepherd Party has implemented a nationwide curfew, and you, the player, are tasked with finding a trustworthy rebel to deliver a disk of secret information. You must interview other misfits at a safe house—a boy looking for a censored computer game, a disgruntled ex-cop, a young immigrant—and earn their trust by asking the right questions. Traveling with them through the dimly lit streets, you can use your cell phone to uncover hidden messages and get past security checkpoints. The point-and-click–style game seeks to educate players about civil rights and authoritarian regimes, but it’s really more V for Vendetta than Amnesty International.

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