VSL// See an excellent, new-and-improved documentary

If singer-songwriters are some of the most intriguing musical artists, they’re also some of the most reclusive. That’s why the DVD Bird On A Wire (available on 8/31), an intimate look at musician Leonard Cohen, is so cool to watch.

This edition of the film is based on the original (and never before released) version from 1972, which was thought to have been lost until it was found, almost in its entirety, in 2009. The film is a documentary, though it may be considered a concert film, too—much of its 107 minutes are packed with live performances of Cohen’s poetic ballads. The rest are filled with close-ups of the artist as he speaks to his crowds, answers interviewers, hits on women and meditates on success. At times, Cohen comes across as a bit overdramatic, but his intimate performances and thoughtful demeanor more than compensate, making this a powerful portrait of a fascinating musician.

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