VSL// Skiing from the safety of your desk

The summer is drawing to a close, and though it might be pushing things to start waxing your skis for the season, it wouldn’t be to check out Solipskier, a unique new Web game that brings some slope time to your desktop.

The game is probably nothing like any game you’ve played before. It involves a little skier who cruises along on a slope you create seconds before he arrives, rocking out to Speed Metal Messiah on his miniature headphones (which fall off if he gets enough air) and, should you shape the slope correctly, doing some crazy tricks along the way. Fail to draw a course beneath him, and your man plummets silently to his death and you to some humorously mournful piano music. All this action is rivaled only by the game’s stylish, glossy design. The whole package is almost enough to make you want to turn up the AC and pretend it’s December.

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