Wait a Minute, Mr. Postman! Google Sorts the Mail

Gmail is changing faster than we can wrap our mind around. It’s crazy! Technology.

“Call phone” is now a regular presence in our chat bar (we never chat with her). And, since the introduction of a whole new panel of buttons on our Gchat windows, we have new anxiety about our friends inviting their friends into our conversations. What happened to alone time?

But forget our friends! It’s also getting harder to just be alone with our own mail. Today Google introduced Gmail “Priority Inbox,” a new feature that puts more important, exciting mail closer to your eyes (supposedly. We’ll see how well it works). Priority Inbox is like a spam filter, but it also figures out what mail you’re more likely to read and then sorts it for you. This used to be our job! The Financial Times called the feature the “holy-grail of web services.”

We guess that another disconcerting part of Priority Inbox is the reminder that Google is reading all of our mail. We pause and wonder if we really care … Fine, our mail isn’t that great. We barely read it ourselves.

But gone for sure are the days when the postman just did his job and brought letters to you. “Neither rain, nor snow, nor sleet nor dead of night shall stay these couriers from their appointed rounds.”

From The Official Gmail Blog:

“Please Mr. Postman:

Wait a Minute, Mr. Postman! Google Sorts the Mail