Weiner Tells Scarborough To 'Dial It Down' on Morning Joe

Congressman Anthony Weiner got into it with Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough this morning about why Democrats brought the 9/11 health care bill under the suspension rules.

“We thought we’d get those 21 votes,” Mr. Weiner told him, in one of the segment’s more sober moments.

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Maggie Haberman had it as it happened:

“You’re not gonna demagogue this issue,” Scarborough told Weiner, interrupting him.

“Relax,” Weiner replied, trying to talk.

“Anthony Weiner is telling me to relax!” Scarborough shot back.

Later, Weiner – rolling his eyes at times and pointing his fingers – sparred a bit with Russert and with Time Magazine’s Mark Halperin – and said, “We made a mistake because we didn’t imagine it would be so political.”

Weiner also denounced the process of the fight as “tedious’ and suggested it was “navel-gazing over process.”

“If i were you I’d try to break my rhythm too because you’re not having a good morning,” he added to Scarborough.

  Weiner Tells Scarborough To 'Dial It Down' on Morning Joe