Where Rick Lazio Meets Hillary: The Movie

For days now the New York State Democratic Party has been pumping out releases that have openly wondered if JP Morgan–unencumbered thanks to the recent Citizens United ruling which allows corporations to spend without limit in elections–would start pouring money in Rick Lazio’s campaign for governor.

The releases have left some scratching their heads, since, even though Lazio worked for JP Morgan for a number of years before taking leave to run for office, the firm has given no indication that it plans to spend heavily on its former employee’s most recent undertaking.

But there is a Lazio connection to the Citizens United ruling. His biggest donors are Lawrence and Susan Kadish, Long Island real estate developers who poured $75,000 into his race in the past month alone.

And the Kadishes are big players in Citizens United, thanked, by name, by the group’s president, immediately after the ruling. That ruling, you may recall, centered around a documentary called Hillary: The Movie about Hillary Clinton that was considered to be unconstitutional by the F.E.C., since it appeared to be an illegal contribution to the political campaign of one of Hillary Clinton’s rivals.

Kadish also funded a documentary about Ronald Reagan that Newt Gingrich had a big part in, was the executive producer of something called, Hype: The Obama Effect, and has another movie out about the financial crisis, which has a pretty scary trailer that can be found here.



Where Rick Lazio Meets Hillary: The Movie