Wikileaks Set to Leak Again – Pentagon Still Unhappy

In a London press conference held today Wikileaks founder Julian Assange announced an impending new document dump. Assange said his website may soon publish up to 15,000 documents about the War in Afghanistan. Wikileaks and the Pentagon remain in a stalemate over the documents in question. The Pentagon demands the whistleblower website return everything to them and erase all the data from the Web. Wikileaks insists it has requested the Pentagon’s assistance in redacting information from the leaked docs that might endanger members of the Afghan coalition.

Speaking to sailors on the USS Higgins in San Diego, Defense Secretary Robert Gates referred to Wikileaks, saying, “We know from intelligence that both the Taliban and al Qaeda have given directions to comb those documents for information and so I think the consequences are potentially very severe.”

Julian Assange says Wikileaks has completed evaluations for about half the new documents. He insists that he is “absolutely” committed to the endeavor and that apparently Wikileaks’ role is to “get the raw data out to the public.”

[CNN/Reuters] Wikileaks Set to Leak Again – Pentagon Still Unhappy