Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Like a kids soccer league where every player -no matter how inept – gets a trophy, today’s Rutgers-Eagleton poll seems to have left everyone a winner. Or so they say.

The poll showed 3rd District Democratic incumbent John Adler up by 6 percentage points among all registered voters and up 10 points among “registered voters who say they are ‘very’ or ‘somewhat’ likely to vote in November.” 

The incumbent’s camp crowed about the numbers in a release headlined “Another Poll, Another Double Digit Lead,” in which it also touted Adler’s “independent-minded centrist approach in Congress,” a mouthful to say the least.

But challenger Jon Runyan took the honors among the vague category of voters “who are paying the most attention to the campaign,” leading Adler by a percentage point.  The ex-footballer’s camp declared victory in its own release with the headline “Eagleton Poll Spells Trouble for Career Politician Adler,”  calling the numbers “an embarrassingly bad result for any incumbent Congressman.”

In the category of ex-state senators from the 6th Legislative District who once served on the Cherry Hill Township Council and are guaranteed to vote in November, Adler took top honors with a staggering 100 percent.  In the all important category of ex- All Pro offensive lineman who stand over 6 feet 6 inches and can pull a train with their teeth, Runyan is the hands down winner.

So who wins the 3rd District? Who knows, it’s August.



Winner Winner Chicken Dinner