14th District debates

Republican State Sen. Tom Goodwin has accepted two offers to debate Democratic opponent Assemblywoman Linda Greenstein.

The debates are scheduled for October 19 at Mercer County College and for an as yet agreed upon date before both the West Windsor Retiree’s Group and Village Grande Civic Association.

Greenstein has already accepted the invitation from the West Windsor groups as well as one from the Monroe League of Women Voters to be held at Monroe High School.

Greenstein’s camp said she will not attend the October 19 event. A spokesman for her campaign said they have agreed to one debate in each county, in line with the standard set by the clean elections program that Greenstein and Goodwin participated in in 2007 as candidates for the assembly.

Goodwin’s camp said they have not yet accepted the invitation to the Monroe event. A spokesman said Goodwin is waiting to hear from Greenstein if she is willing to attend more than the two she has already agreed to.

14th District debates