5th District challengers calling for debate

Democratic 5th District Congressional  Candidate Tod Theise is by most accounts fighting an uphill battle in his attempt to unseat Republican Scott Garrett, the conservative four-term incumbent.

Outraised, outspent and outmanned Theise said he hopes his ideas, including a plan for nationwide “tax fairness,” will carry the day.

“We can’t go head to head, but we can give him a fight,” Theise said.

With that in mind, Theise plans to take part in what he calls an “old fashioned candidates day and debate” on Sept. 26.  The event is scheduled to take place at the Knowlton Township firehouse from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.

“being from Warren county, I think it’s good for the people here to see teh candidates in person,” Theise said.  “To see how we conduct ourselves.”

So far three of the five candidates running in the 5th have said they will attend. Independent Mark Quick of Frelinghuysen and Green Party candidate Ed Fanning of Dumont are also in.

Of Garrett, Theise said he hopes he will attend, but he has not heard one way or the other.

For his part, Garrett has not yet committed, but maybe it’s because he hasn’t been formally invited.

“”Congressman Garrett looks forward to participating in a series of debates this fall,” said Garrett Campaign Spokesman Ben Veghte. ” At the moment, the campaign is still receiving debate invitations and is in the process of coordinating the Congressman’s schedule.  We have not received a formal invitation from the organizer of the Knowlton event.” 5th District challengers calling for debate