A Jovial Cuomo Laughs Off Paladino’s Attacks

Andrew Cuomo just finished an interview with Fred Dicker’s radio show in which he was asked about some of Carl Paladino’s outrageous attacks in the early days of the governor’s race, including Paladino’s charge that Cuomo lacked the “cojones” to debate him and that he hides “behind his daddy’s coattails.”

Cuomo however refused to respond, and chuckled when Dicker brought up each charge. One could almost hear the attorney general shaking his head in the background.

When asked by Dicker if Cuomo had ever before seen this kind of language in a statewide race, Cuomo said he hadn’t, but, “You can’t say you haven’t seen it.”

“It’s the campaign they choose to run,” Cuomo continued. “It’s kind of old fashioned and obvious…I am choosing a much different path. I understand the problem. I understand the anger. What I have done the past three years is hear the anger and deal with the issues that are causing the anger.”

When pressed by Dicker, Cuomo responded, “We learned from Lincoln to speak to people’s better angels. That’s what I am trying to do.”

Cuomo did say that he had not seen a policy paper yet by Paladino, and did accuse his opponent of seeking to “degrade” the political process. He also said that he did not think the state party did the right thing when they released a photoshopped image yesterday of Paladino as a pig feeding on the public trough.

Cuomo added that he was unsurprised by a report yesterday that showed Paladino was only 16 percent behind him, saying that Paladino was enjoying a post-primary bounce and that he expected the race to be close.

Cuomo appeared on the radio after an article in the Daily News described a high-level meeting of the Cuomo campaign in which the Democratic nominee was taken aback by some of the rhetoric coming out of the Paladino camp. 

Today’s interview seemed to be an effort to respond to that report by showing a relaxed Cuomo unconcerned with a G.O.P. opponent nipping at his heels and throwing firebombs.

Asked towards the end of the interview with Dicker what he thought of Paladino’s promise to take a baseball bat to Albany, Cuomo deadpanned, “That’s not my particular instrument of change, no.”



A Jovial Cuomo Laughs Off Paladino’s Attacks