Advice From Meghan McCain: Enjoy Those Campaign Goggles

As the primary campaigns in New York are winding down, we thought we’d highlight a choice quote from Meghan McCain, who was on the Joy Behar show last night promoting her new book Dirty Sexy Politics:

I talk about campaign sex and campaign goggles, which I wasn’t having but a lot of the staff and the journalists were. You know there’s not a lot to do in the meantime and you hear all the gossip… Campaign goggles are like beer goggles, the more you’re around the person the more attractive they become.

It’s an idea she was selling last week on NPR’s Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me, where she said that everybody on the campaign–Except her! I mean, as if! She was the candidate’s daughter!–was having “crazy sex.” 

But while she says candidates’ daughters are precluded from campaign goggles, she makes no such exception for candidates themselves. So, ladies and gentlemen, you may only have one wild weekend of campaign goggles left. Use it wisely. We’re looking at you, Lincoln Restler. Advice From Meghan McCain: Enjoy Those Campaign Goggles