After Her Show, Diane von Furstenberg Takes Victory Lap Around Runway

“Oh, I beg your pardon, sorry!” Tina Brown exclaimed to The Observer at the Diane von Furstenberg show yesterday. She was looking for her seat and, for a moment, had mistaken us for an assistant. “I’m not asking you for our seat assignment!” Ms. Brown did eventually find her placement — it was in the front row — but talked to us for a moment about her expectations for the new collection. “I’m always excited for Diane’s shows, because she’s always surprising and fresh.”

Sarah Jessica Parker made her grand entrance soon after, and made her way to the front row by way of a blockade of bodyguards. She ended up next to Barry Diller and just two over from Anderson Cooper — who, when we approached, put his hand on our shoulder and kindly declined to talk. 

Nicky Hilton was also wandering around for her seat, wearing a yellow-splotched dress that was a bit more vibrant than the all-black affair she wore at Don Hill’s for the Pop magazine party, where she spent the night up on a bench with Dasha Zhukova. We asked what she thought of Iggy Pop’s violent set, during which he damned all the pretty faces in the audience to hell. Nicky said she’s a fan.

“It was very, very crowded, but it was fun,” she told us. “He’s a legend!”

The event ended with Ms. von Furstenberg eschewing the customary smile and wave from the designer that usually comes after the final procession of models, in favor of a full lap around the two-pronged runway. She did, though, make one stop on her way: a quick hello and laugh with Sarah, Barry and Anderson.

After Her Show, Diane von Furstenberg Takes Victory Lap Around Runway