Anna Wintour Talks Tennis at Thakoon

There was a steady drizzle falling by the time yesterday’s Thakoon show began at Pace Gallery on 25th Street, a midway point between Milk Studios and Lincoln Center. And while the indoor Chelsea space kept the show from being hampered by the weather, such was not the case for the final match in Flushing Meadows — the Rafa-Novak U.S. Open final had already been called on account of rain.

So when The Observer saw Anna Wintour and her cohorts — André Leon Talley and Grace Coddington, of course — we stopped by for some U.S. Open repartee with Anna, an avowed Roger Federer fan and close friend of the tennis great. 

Anna, we said leaning in, do you have a moment for a question?


Success! We asked her about Novak Djokovic’s stunning upset of her buddy Roger. She seemed sort of recovered!

“There will always be another tennis match,” she told us. 

With Federer out, who is Ms. Wintour rooting for in the final? 

“It’s rained out.”

But, we said, there will be a men’s final. It is going to happen.

“It’s rained out,” she repeated, playing coy.


“It’s rained out.”

That’s all she would give us. Is the Vogue editor too ashamed to admit she’s rooting for someone so Na-Dull? If she knew that Lil’ Wayne was pulling for the Spaniard, perhaps she would be swayed. 

Anna Wintour Talks Tennis at Thakoon