Bayonne Barney headed back to Jersey

U.S. Rep. Barney Frank is headed to the Garden State for a fundraiser to help Democratic Rep. Rush Holt in his 12th District reelection bid.  The Congressman from Massachusetts is scheduled to appear on Sept. 19 as Holt seeks to stave off a challenge from Republican Scott Sipprelle.

But a few hours with the notoriously quick witted and sometimes surly chairman of the House Financial Services Committee doesn’t come cheap.  An audience at the Princeton home of Dr. Dennis and Patricia Price will cost supporters between $250 and $2,400. 

Sipprelle is a venture capitalist, which makes you wonder whether the visit from Frank, a Democrat whose job it is to regulate the industry that made Sipprelle rich, is a coincidence.

Frank is originally from Bayonne, so he knows his way around New Jersey.

Completely unsubstantiated rumor has it Holt will charge just $10 per head for a quick bout of verbal abuse from Frank, who famously told an off the wall questioner “Talking to you is like talking to a dining room table,” when she accused him of supporting healthcare, which she dubbed a “Nazi Policy.” Video of the exchange became an overnight interner sensation adding to the Congressman’s already hefty reputation for causticity.

Frank is facing his accuser – 24-year-old Rachel Brown – in Tuesday’s Massachusetts primary as she attempts to take the seat he has held since the early 1980s.  Frank’s wit was on display again this week as he told the Associated Press, “I regard her as an example of the price you pay for free speech.”

Editors Note: There is no $10 ticket to the event…That was an attempt at humor gone awry Bayonne Barney headed back to Jersey