Carine Roitfeld on Editing Vogue Paris: ‘Like Walking in High Heels on the Ice’

New York Times fashion writer Eric Wilson is in Paris for the Fashion Week, and he stopped by Carine Roitfeld’s office to talk about her latest issue, which commemorates the 90th Anniversary of Vogue Paris. It’s also the biggest issue ever — very fat indeed. Here are some excerpts from their conversation.

On French Vogue after 90 years: “It’s still very audacious. It’s still about beauty. It’s still about excess.”

On censorship in the magazine: “You cannot smoke, you cannot show arms, you cannot show little girls …”

On putting out the magazine under these conditions: “[It] is like walking in high heels on the ice, but we keep trying to do it.”

On getting contributors for the magazine: “You are Vogue, or not Vogue. There are some editors and writers who can be very good, and still not Vogue.”

On the 90th anniversary issue: “I think it is the best coffee-table book.”

On designer clothing: “I don’t see them just to wear them, I see them as a piece of art sometimes.”

On young designers: “[T]hey are the future of tomorrow.”

On how long it takes to see a fashion show: “Half an hour driving, half an hour waiting, seeing the show, then half an hour back. And when I get back, I see the show on the Internet.”

On competing with the internet: “It’s too quick now, but I don’t think we can do anything about that. It’s just the time.”

On her new favorite drink: “It’s Campari and vodka, to fly very high, very far, very quick.”

On being a bartender: “That is my dream, and also to open a karaoke.”

On “You’re So Vain” by Carly Simon: “I think in this business, it’s a good song. It’s dedicated to a lot of people.”

Carine Roitfeld on Editing Vogue Paris: ‘Like Walking in High Heels on the Ice’