Cedar Grovers Take Root on Staten Island Beach

As the Real Estate Desk noted yesterday, the mayor will not back efforts to save the Cedar Grove Beach Community–the last of more than a dozen such summer getaways that once lined Staten Island’s South Shore–despite a photo op that suggested otherwise. Now, Dave Young, a resident of one of Cedar Grove’s 41 bungalows, writes to say, well, Hell No, We Won’t Get. At least not yet:

Thank you for painting such a grim outlook with your article. Fortunately you are wrong. We are not “washed up” and continue to have discussions with various City officials regarding our fate. We may, at the end of the day, lose our fight but it won’t be any day soon.

The spokesperson that you spoke to is just towing the company line. I hope you will cover us when and if the Mayor puts a stop to Benepe’s insanity.

But how far will the Grovers go? In a story in today’s paper, the Times says that residents are considering a lawsuit, and may even simply refuse to leave. Kinda reminds the Real Estate Desk of what happened in Gaza a few years ago. And who could forget how that turned out?


Cedar Grovers Take Root on Staten Island Beach