Christine Who?

Christine O’Donnell, the former Moorestown resident running for U.S. Senate in Delaware, clearly didn’t get her political start as a young Burlington County resident.

Asked about the Tea Party endorsed Republican who scored an upset victory in last week’s Delaware primary, not one Burlington County Republican could remember ever having come into contact with O’Donnell.

“I wish I could help more, but I don’t know anything about her,” said Moorestown Republican Committee Chairman John Logue, who has been involved in politics in town for 30 years.  “I don’t ever remember her working on a campaign or being a part of politics at all.”

That sentiment was universal among longtime members of the Burlington County GOP, who all had the same thought when they learned the candidate – who has become known as much for some off the wall comments she has made as she has for her political victory – was originally from Moorestown.


Sorry folks.  If you’re curious about her political back story, you won’t find it in her hometown. Christine Who?