Clijsters Wins U.S. Open in Sleepy 59 Minute Match

Hey, sorry, I just woke up.

In arguably the most boring women’s final ever played in Queens, Kim Clijsters defeated Vera Zvonareva 6-2, 6-1 in a 59 minute match.

For some perspective: The Djokovic-Federer fifth set was 68 minutes. They played four sets of tennis before that! Someone should have given Ana Ivanovic a wild card! She went 59 minutes, and that was without extra commercial break time since it was the women’s final. Clearly the Radisson had some effect on this match, after all.

After Clijsters went up 5-1 in the second set, thousands of fans streamed out of the stadium. They weren’t even in their seats for an hour, and they were leaving. Money not well spent. The USTA should have put Kim and her daughter Jada out there for an exhibtion.

Congratulations to Clijsters who clearly should have been given the women’s crown yesterday afternoon after she defeated Venus Williams. That match was worthy of a women’s final. Imagine how Venus feels after she sees the result of this match. She would have had a walk-through if she made this far.

Clijsters is a true champion, and she deserved more competition. In the two tests she got in this tournament–Venus and Stosur–we saw some reasonably good tennis (even though in both of those matches both Clijsters and her opponents played, admittedly, sloppy tennis). The women’s game has a lot of problems right now, and without Serena (and, at some point sooner, without Venus) they have got to find a way to develop some more talent. If they don’t, we’re headed for a dark era than it has been for the last couple years, and it hasn’t been great recently.

The good news? A worthy person took the Open this year, even as the game around her looks weaker by the second.

UPDATE: The women’s final length of time was originally posted as one hour. The USTA just announced that according to the umpire’s card the match was actually 59 minutes, and not 60 minutes. Even worse.


Clijsters Wins U.S. Open in Sleepy 59 Minute Match