Coffey Drops Another $200K

When wealthy trial attorney Sean Coffey first gave himself $100,000, we said he “poured it” into his campaign. When he gave himself another $100,000 we said he added it to his “coffers.” Well, now Coffey has donated a final $200,000 to his campaign and we are frankly out of puns (unless “coffey-drops” counts, but we concede that it is a stretch).

This brings Coffey’s total amount of self-funding to $5 million, which is a lot, but which is also roughly on par with what Nassau District Attorney Kathleen Rice has raised. The campaigns of the other candidates feared that Coffey would outspend them by several leagues.

The Coffey campaign says the money is going to last minute GOTV canvassing and an ad buy featuring Steve Cassidy, president of the Uniformed Firefighter’s Association, which endorsed Coffey today.

In a statement, campaign spokeswoman Tammy Sun again hits Rice and Eric Schneiderman for engaging in mud-slinging (mud-slinging that, until recently, Coffey himself was engaged in, as Liz notes) and which touts Coffey’s support from the UFA–his first major union get of the campaign.

While Sen. Schneiderman and DA Rice spent the weekend tearing each other down with millions of dollars of advertising, Sean Coffey was talking directly with New Yorkers about how we work together to confront the serious challenges we face as a state.  Firefighters are heroes – and we were humbled and honored today to accept their endorsement.  Sean’s latest contribution will support their efforts to communicate directly with voters about why Sean Coffey is the most trusted, experienced and capable adult in the room to be our next Attorney General.





Coffey Drops Another $200K