Coffey Pours Himself $100K, Calls Himself Independent

Wealthy trial attorney Sean Coffey has poured himself (get it?!? get it ?!?) a cool $100k for the stretch run of the attorney general’s race. His campaign notes that the money is a contribution, not a loan, and they take the opportunity to show that Coffey is the only candidate running without political or governmental contacts. In a statement below, Coffey’s campaign hits Eric Schneiderman for taking money from a PAC of organized labor and Kathleen Rice for taking money from the law firm where Assembly Speaker Shelly Silver works.

The Coffey campaign has the ability to overwhelm his opponents with his cash in the final days, however so far there has not been much of an indication that he is willing to do so. That said, a campaign spokeswoman could not say that this is the last donation that Coffey will make to himself before the primary.

The campaign said the money is going towards a “significant” state-wide ad buy.

From campaign spokeswoman Tammy Sun:

“Sean Coffey is an independent reformer, free from alliances and debts to special interests that have poured money into the campaigns of his major opponents.  While Albany insiders are trying to install Sen. Schneiderman or DA Rice as their lawyer because that’s how they protect their interests, Sean Coffey is committed to being the people’s lawyer.  Sean hasn’t accepted nearly $1 million from special interest PACs nor is he funded by powerbrokers closely aligned with legislative leaders of the most corrupt and dysfunctional state government in America.  Coffey’s financial independence, along with millions he has already raised from individual supporters, is just another Good Housekeeping stamp of approval that Coffey is the only candidate in this race committed to reform, accountability and cleaning up corruption.”




Coffey Pours Himself $100K, Calls Himself Independent