Cuomo and Schneiderman, Together?

At a press conference today to receive the endorsement of his vanguished Democratic rivals for attorney general, Eric Schneiderman was asked if he has spoken yet with Andrew Cuomo.

“We have been trading calls,” Schneiderman said. “We have both been kind of busy. I am sure we will connect before the day is up.”

Yesterday, we reported that the two had not yet spoken, but that their campaigns had. Schneiderman also tried to cloak himself in a litle of Cuomo’s aura, saying, “I look forward to uniting the Democratic Party and working with Andrew Cuomo to move the state forward.”

At a near simulataneous press conference a few blocks away however, Cuomo himself was a little more circumspect, and seemed to divide his loyalties between the Democratic Party and the other lines which he is running on.

“I am the head of the Democratic ticket. They are on the ticket so I am the head of the ticket. I am also running on the Independence line. I am also running on the Working Families Party line.”

Asked repeatedly if he would endorse Schneiderman, Cuomo would only say, “That is something we will address down the road.”

There have been reports that the campaign of Republican attorney general candidate Dan Donovan has been angling for a Cuomo endorsement, and earlier Harry Wilson suggested that he and Cuomo are ticket-mates as well since they are both running on the Independence Party line. Cuomo and Schneiderman, Together?