Cuomo Goes On The Air, Calls Paladino A “Capital Insider” [VIDEO]

Andrew Cuomo is up on the air with a new ad that calls Carl Paladino a “capital insider who’s reaped millions in questionable tax breaks and other sweetheart deals” and makes note of the fact that Paladino has given nearly $500,000 to politicians.

The ad contrasts Paladino’s record with Cuomo’s, who the ad states, “has brought down corrupt politicians in both parties, returning over $130 million to taxpayers.”

It is an odd tactic for Cuomo to try to label Paladino as the “insider,” since Cuomo has spent the last four years in Albany and has a last name that is synonymous with New York politics. But it shows how fast politicians are racing in this anti-incumbent year to be political outsiders, and how seriously the Cuomo campaign continues to take Paladino.

The campaign is releasing another ad, called “Andrew Cuomo Stood Up For Me,” which features a Buffalo (note: Paladino’s hometown) woman who was “terrorized” by an abusive debt collector until Cuomo had the debt collector arrested.

The first ad was produced by Murphy Putnam, and the second by Jonathan Cranin. No details of the size of the buy yet, but will update when we receive them. Watch:

Cuomo Goes On The Air, Calls Paladino A “Capital Insider” [VIDEO]