Did Cuomo Pressure Get To John Liu?

Kathleen Rice’s campaign is just out with a big endorsement–New York City comptroller John Liu.

Liu is not only one of the few major elected city officials to not endorse Eric Schneiderman, he is also one of the few elected officials who can really rally a community (in his case, Asian-Americans) behind him.

One item of note however. A Times article in May about Cuomo pulling out the stop for Rice includes this little nugget:

Mr. Cuomo himself has sometimes gotten involved. Last month he called John C. Liu, the New York City comptroller, to discuss the field of attorney general candidates. Mr. Liu had been widely expected to endorse Mr. Schneiderman, who is backed by the same coalition of unions and liberal groups that helped elect Mr. Liu last year. But when Mr. Schneiderman, who represents parts of Manhattan and the Bronx, kicked off his campaign with a rally at City Hall in April, Mr. Liu did not join the other city and state officials there.

In an interview, Mr. Liu did not deny that Mr. Cuomo had urged him to delay making an endorsement.

“I’m going to keep private conversations private,” Mr. Liu said. “But the attorney general is certainly interested in having the strongest possible ticket for the party.”

Liu’s absence from this race has been noted before, and many wondered when he would start to weigh in. Is he trying now to get in the good graces of Team Cuomo and the state Democrats? Does this mean we will here from Cuomo himself soon?



  Did Cuomo Pressure Get To John Liu?