Did Howard Fineman Dupe Sidney Harman?

In an exit interview with Media Matters, Howard Fineman said that he doubts that Newsweek will still exist in print in five years. Mr. Fineman, one of the magazine’s franchise columnist, is leaving  Newsweek to join The Huffington Post.

“My guess is that there will be several years of a fond embrace of the traditional magazine. But that stuff is going because the economics are too difficult,” Mr. Fineman told Joe Strupp.

It’s funny to hear Mr. Fineman talk like that. After Sidney Harman closed his deal to buy Newsweek earlier this summer, one story that emerged about the deal-making process was that Mr. Fineman sold Mr. Harman on saving the magazine over lunch. The two men are friends apparently. That said, it looks like Mr. Fineman convinced his friend to buy a magazine that he thinks is doomed to close. Did Howard Fineman Dupe Sidney Harman?