Donovan and Schneiderman, Totally Above the Race Card, Play the Race Card

The ring around the race card in the attorney general race has devolved into a rapid-fire exchange of accusatory press releases, each with the hackneyed notion that actions speak louder than words when it comes to diversity.

This morning, Staten Island DA Dan Donovan responded to accusations of a weak response to a series of leaked racist and pornographic emails, sent by ticket mate Carl Paladino. Donovan said that even though he hadn’t seen the emails, he definitely didn’t condone them.

This afternoon, his campaign manager Marcus Reese released a statement with stronger language, emphasizing Donovan’s record of championing diversity:

“Let’s make the record clear: Dan Donovan condemns any form of anti-Semitism, prejudice and/or discrimination against any race, creed, color or religion.  But unlike State Senator Schneiderman, an expert in the ways of talking the talk without walking the walk, Dan Donovan has an actual record that proves his claims.”

He then likened racial attacks from the Schneiderman camp to the kind of race baiting used in civil rights-era Alabama politics, not forgetting to accuse the Schneiderman camp of not walking the diversity walk:

“A few final questions for Team Schneiderman: Recent reports indicate you have hired a number of new people to your team, are any of them people of color?  Is there anyone of color among your senior staffers?”

Shortly after, the Schneiderman camp responded with a similar claim of being above the whole thing, comparing Donovan tactics to those used by McCain in the 2008 presidential election:

“Is it Eric Schneiderman’s fault that Dan Donovan said he couldn’t say whether comparing an orthodox Jew to the antichrist was offensive? … We will put up Eric Schneiderman’s record on and commitment to racial justice and equality for all up against Dan Donovan’s any day of the week and win every time.”

Look forward then, to 39 more days of this. Donovan and Schneiderman, Totally Above the Race Card, Play the Race Card