Donovan Answers Schneiderman, Who Answers Donovan

Following up on our earlier post about G.O.P AG nominee Dan Donovan calling out Eric Schneiderman for his “job-killing” plan that would allow private attorneys to file lawsuits on behalf of investors in the state pension fund,  and Schneiderman calling out Donovan for a domestic violence bill he sponsored that Schneiderman claimed, due to a loophole, would allow domestic abusers to get off, both campaigns are now out with responses.

First, from Team Schneiderman: 

It is simply mind-boggling that after the Madoff scandal, Dan Donovan would oppose Eric Schneiderman’s legislation to empower consumers, taxpayers and retirees ripped off by corporate fraud and other kinds of wrongdoing. Eric’s proud that his bill would allow investors their day in court against Wall Street con artists like Bernie Madoff, because the law as currently written allows only the state to sue securities fraud thieves. New York is only one of a handful of states that have yet to provide victims with this right, and apparently, Dan Donovan and his Wall Street donors are just fine with that.”

Next, from Team Donovan:

State Senator Schneiderman is just flat out wrong. Dan’s bill – which elevates domestic violence from a ‘violation’ to a misdemeanor crime triggers an automatic arrest each and every time. It’s understandable since the state senator was never a prosecutor, that he would not understand the finer points of the state’s penal code, but I suggest he brush up on it before he launches false accusations against a 15-year career prosecutor like District Attorney Donovan.

The Politicker will have to leave it to others to adjudicate the truthiness of these claims, but is worth noting that Schneiderman hits Donovan on the same way Donovan hit him early today, by tying his donors (in this case, Wall Street) to his policies (Donovan accused Schneiderman of being in thrall to trial lawyers.)

Secondly, it seems as if the Donovan campaign is trying a tactic that Schneiderman’s Democratic opponents tried in the primary–calling out Schneiderman’s lack of prosecutorial experience. Needless to say, it was an unsuccessful line then.

Donovan Answers Schneiderman, Who Answers Donovan